2012 m. spalio 21 d., sekmadienis

MinecraftPromotions maps statistics

Current statistic's of Minecraft Promotions maps:

STSI map - total of 740 downloads
Fall from glory - total of 130 downloads
HighAshen Parkour - total of 1250 downloads

FireSphere Survival - total of 330 downloads
Survival Tekkit skyblock - total of 2100 downloads

MinecraftPromotions has served a total of - 4550 Downloads, and still increasing!

2012 m. rugpjūčio 16 d., ketvirtadienis

We are Born!

MinecraftPromotions has been updated! Please follow this blog, or just follow us on facebook/twitter for more update's!

We are also making map posts where our lets player's create LP's!
Soo join now!

Visit: www.Youtube.com/Minecraftpromotions